Turkish Heavy Industry Manufacturers and Suppliers

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agriculture, steel, fasteners, expanded metals, street lighting, galvanizing, grinding media, irrigation, ag machinery, tower, irrigation solutions, transmission poles, military, road safety barriers, building infrastructure, valmont, access systems, handrailing, architectural screens, grating metal, lintels, metal coatings, industrial tubing, pneumatic tubing, construction tubing, fire protection sprinkler pipe, civil infrastructure, aerospace, mining industry, heavy industry, grain handling, water resource management, drainage systems and covers, pedestrian bridge tube sections, public safety and security, area lighting, traffic sign structures, utility structures, gsm tower, power delivery structures, substation structures, distribution poles, communications, street and area lighting, traffic control, grating and expanded metals, valmont irrigation, root demand irrigation
agricultural equipment, aluminum plates have, automotive industry, cement industry, chrome plate, construction industry, defense industry, feed mill plant, fences, fish farms, food industry, furniture, heavy industry, interior design, medical devices, mines, sand industry, steel plates, walkways, heavy industry
spare parts, heavy industry, textile, food, chemistry, medicaments, heavy industry
construction machines, isolation machines, industry machines, heavy industry, process pumps, polyurea and poliuretan machines, mastic and glues, high pressure water jets, sand blast machines, road line machines, heavy industry, process pumps